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Paradoi inspires investors and firms to grow and defend business value in an age of digital disruption.

The impact of digital on business is profound.  Our focus is on the challenge faced by businesses on how to build value in the all-pervasive digital economy. The name ‘Paradoi’ refers to the passageways that a chorus in the golden age of Greek Theatre used to enter on stage to observe, listen to and reveal to the audience what was happening. 

At Paradoi, we rigorously involve ourselves in a hands-on understanding of the tools and techniques of digital that our small to medium size business clients require.

Our Experience

Value Leadership
Business Analysis
Measured Value
Digital Leadership

Our Specialisation

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Our services and solutions

Voice Around The Table

We work with companies a day a month, attending board meetings and agreeing one or two projects.

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Brick By Brick

We take conventional project management and turn it on its head, filtering for value creation.

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An End To End Solution

We help firms and sole traders make important changes quickly, enhancing the capacity for a comprehensive solution.

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Three Services - Infinite Solutions

Leaders in increasing the value of business in a digital are

We are obsessed by business value creation through digital.  We are an essential service for today’s businesses wanting to defend and grow their value with tools and techniques for a digital age.