Don’t you think that back in the day if you had something to sell it felt easier?

 I built my first multi-million dollar business from a series of small block ads in the NT News.  As an aside Rupert Murdoch’s second paper – in Darwin, Australia which he still owns. They cost me a few hundred dollars.

Admittedly. When Crocodiles were on the front page- a pretty regular occurrence – it was pretty easy to sell the paper.

Wasn’t there anything else?

Yes. My striking – self created ads were supplemented by the ‘Yellow Pages’ a telephone directory.   Most small businesses like mine feared the arrival of their brightly coloured sales representative who called on an annual basis. Relentlessly.

The tariff had always increased and you always spent more than you thought you would.   Yet the trickiest thing in the whole piece was agreeing the ad design with the graphic artist and negotiating a good page position.  

Isn’t this supposed to be an ‘About’ Page?

Yes, yes I’m getting to that. I’m telling a story. It’s supposed to be the very latest technique in ad design – hadn’t you heard?

Ahem, as I was saying.

Today, it feels very much more complicated:  There appear to be so many tollkeepers, from digital ad agencies, to copywriters, to Google Adwords.   I hear of a lot of people spending a lot without a great return. Often the smaller businesses simply abandon the space. Goodness knows how that can be a successful strategy – it feels like an exit strategy to me. To add to the difficulty all of the skills needed to succeed in this area and cross these barriers easily and efficiently are as rare as crocodile’s teeth and as expensive as a shot at a croc in a wildlife park: A lot has changed in a few short years

About Paradoi

Here it comes… the About page…. First the vision thing

“Paradoi inspires investors and firms to grow and defend business value in an age of digital disruption”

Paradoi grows and defends the measurable value of selected firms and brands driven by insights around their place in the digital economy.  We advise owners and boards, arrange value adding projects and build whole business units with hands on management.

  • In advisory roles  we help owners, senior managers and boards to understand the impact of digital disruption in their sector and on their business.   We see disruption both as an opportunity to grow business value and as an existential threat.   We attend meetings as consultants, facilitators, troubleshooters and in the role of non-executive directors.  
  • We arrange value adding projects within your firm:   For many businesses large and small – the day to day gets in the way of long-term value creation.   This is especially true in an emerging area of business such as digital. We help you define your digital business project and help make it happen.  
  • We build digital businesses hands on:   We grow an idea by identifying the opportunity and hammering together a value driven action plan that sets up the digital business you have conceived.  Then we physically operate the firm through to maturity. Having proven the model we invite investment to grow the business further.

The core business of Paradoi is value leadership.   We improve the measurable value of selected firms and brands driven by their place in the digital economy.   

We believe that Australia’s economy and business structures are changing in a dramatic and profound way – and at a breathtakingly rapid pace.  Since 2012 well funded research from traditionally conservative sources use dramatic language to describe this phenomena such as Deloitte’s landmark study  ‘Short Fuse Big Bang’ 1 which asserted that:  “one-third of the Australian economy faces imminent and  major digital disruption – a ‘short fuse, big bang’ situation.” Earlier an IBM commissioned paper from research outfit IBIS released Australia’s Digital Future 2050 2 how a vast percentage of Australia’s GDP and the value chains within it would be altered by  ‘digital disruption’. This is a global trend as the PBS program ‘Digital Nation’3 illustrated.    

Long Term Value Creation

For many businesses large and small the day to day gets in the way of long term value creation.   It is easy to become overwhelmed by the digital challenge. Paradoi helps to navigate these hazards and to improve your measurable business value.   

We are your long term partner in value creation driven by insights around your place in the digital economy.

Firms need help to think about and manage these challenges, and brands need to be built around the profusion of opportunities that exist.  As the failure rate for new digital enterprise is high and the effect on existing businesses so profound we believe it is crucial to engage a strong advocate focused on value at a project and enterprise level.

On engagement we combine our hands on experience in operating and growing technology businesses with an evidence-based understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities before you based on our research and learnings.   We bring these insights to you by offering a voice around the table.   A strong advocate for value.  We use emerging valuation techniques such a customer lifetime value and digital activity valuation to define and present a set of innovative, optional choices.   

By aligning each major project with your long term interests as you build your opportunities click by click we add value together.  In a crisis or for a change,  leadership with a value focus helps manage risk and protects enterprise value.  

However you engage us Paradoi is your long term partner in creating and defending digital business value driven by insights around your place in the digital economy

Our passion is to identify, define and and build digital value as though we were the business owners ourselves:  We can advise. We can run a project. We can grow an idea by physically operating the firm through to maturity. Having proven the model we invite investment to grow the business further.

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