Are you digitally despairing?

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The Situation


I’ve been in business for a while – and to be honest I no longer recognise the business in which I work.

Over the last two years, we’ve lost 30% of our business from traditional sources and gained 10% from new sources.  The competition seems to come from everywhere including overseas!  I feel under threat and excited about the future all at the same time.  I still have resources – but where do I apply them for the best.  I need help to figure it out.

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What We Can Do For You.



Paradoi works from a value driven paradigm.  Business management  & organisation is changing dramatically.  Networks of traditional suppliers are often not coping with the changes themselves.  An increasingly common value project is to refashion and curate a network of independent contractors that you can work with into the future.

Our value advocacy and project management approach helps ensure that you make the right strategic choices at the same time as lining up low cost, competent suppliers from Australia and overseas.

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