Voice Around The Table

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The core business of Paradoi is value leadership.   

We improve the measurable value of firms and brands, driven by their place in the digital economy.  

Jeremy Noble, Principal Consultant


Many owners of small & medium enterprises work extremely hard in their business and love what they do.

A former client described at a conference the experience he had in running his company for twenty-five years in terms of:

This beautiful thing we have created that does so much for so many in schools all over this country.

He was talking about a software application that had been developed over a very long period and was installed in over a third of  Australian schools. The main feature began as an algorithm that dramatically improved timetabling in schools.  He then went on to expand that offer to include scores of features useful to school administration, including a full suite of accounting software.  This was well ahead of its time: an enterprise resource planning system before they had been invented!  

My client was someone who was described- after his premature death – as someone who “loved his software, loved his staff, and loved his customers”. However,  for all the success his business had enjoyed, it was certainly not represented in the enterprise value.   There were many reasons that it didn’t but that is another discussion.

Despite the complexity, there was an element of his business challenge that was very obvious. The business did not essentially have enough voices around the table to develop a balanced enterprise that guaranteed sustainability for the stakeholders – the owners, employees, customers.   This is not an unusual problem as many business organisations demonstrate in their day to day operations.

In our advisory role,  we help owners, senior managers and boards to understand the impact of digital disruption in their sector and on their business.  We see disruption both as an opportunity to grow business value and as an existential threat.   We attend meetings as consultants, facilitators, troubleshooters and in the role of non-executive directors.

So, our first offer is that we provide as that voice around the table, speaking as an advocate for defending and growing the value of your business. We work with a company, say, a day a month: we attend board meetings as an observer and usually agree one or two projects.   The cost of the service is set at the partner rate for a mid-sized accounting firm.