Inspire Investors

We help investors grow and defend business value by:

  • developing investor-ready proposals together with a range of partners such as valuable online conversations in the context of emerging digital products and voice-of-the-customer technologies and developing digital curriculum for niche markets in education and
  • examining existing businesses on behalf of investors using digital analytics to understand how we can grow and defend value in the areas of people, customers, operations and accounting

We do not market businesses directly although we boast deep relationships with a network of investors looking for high-quality enterprises.   These include individuals, family trust companies and the merger and acquisition teams of stock exchange listed companies.  From time to time, we ourselves make equity investment in our client companies.  We work with any business sale agents employed by you.

We suggest you watch this short video from the London Business School, presented by Sabine Vinck, discussing the characteristics that enable a business to grow in the current climate of rapid change.

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