Long Term Value Creation

For many businesses large and small the day to day gets in the way of long term value creation.   It is easy to become overwhelmed by the digital challenge. Paradoi helps to navigate these hazards and to improve your measurable business value.   

We are your long term partner in value creation driven by insights around your place in the digital economy.

Firms need help to think about and manage these challenges, and brands need to be built around the profusion of opportunities that exist.  As the failure rate for new digital enterprise is high and the effect on existing businesses so profound we believe it is crucial to engage a strong advocate focused on value at a project and enterprise level.

We combine extensive hands on experience in operating and growing technology businesses with an evidence-based understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities based on a top to tail review.   We offer a voice around the table.   A strong advocate for value.  We use emerging valuation techniques such a customer lifetime value and digital activity valuation to define and present a set of innovative, optional choices.   

By aligning each major project with your long term interests as you build your opportunities click by click we add value together.  

We are a resource for business facing a crisis or a change.  Leadership with a value focus helps manage risk and protects enterprise value.  

However you engage us Paradoi is your long term partner in creating and defending digital business value driven by insights around your place in the digital economy

Our passion is to identify, define and and build digital value as though we were the business owners ourselves, which in some cases we are:  We can advise. We can run a project. We can grow an idea by physically operating the firm through to maturity. Having proven the model we invite investment to grow the business further.