Manage emergent knowledge using categories and tags

Scope using topics and search terms

  • The heart of this post is the way that the way knowledge is managed has changed.
  • The trends is to move from controlled vocabularies and taxonomies a top down approach
  • The bottom up (sideways, inside-out, round about, ,multi-media way of consolidating knowledge
  • The move is towards ‘discovery’ and individual empowerment and away from knowledge ‘toll keepers’
  • Thinking was boosted by conceptual breakthrough represented by blockchain
  • But technical problems has thwarted the rapid adoption of this approach
  • Although it reminds me a bit of the tech bubble ‘popping’
  • Why is this important for business?

Why is this important for business?

  • Paradoi – business value in an age of digital disruption
  • Paradoi Scholastic – knowledge value in an age of digital disruption (particularly for those responsible for delivering knowledge value – i.e. educators and those charged with managing them
  • Managers are in various and distributed sectors

The Arc of history is long – and bends towards justice. So dreamstealers, like the poor will always be with us and for the most part deserve kindness and understanding.

I’m often surprised when I get to the end of a really terrific post or video and find the anyone has given a thumbs down. Yet it happens all the time. The truth is that if you read these complaints most people do have a point of some kind.

John Cleese – the difficult customer video.

What you can learn from difficult customers…..

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