Inspire Firms

Firms need help to think about and manage the challenges of a digital age: brands need to be built around the profusion of opportunities that exist.  

As the failure rate for new digital enterprise is high, and the effect on existing businesses so profound, we believe it is crucial to engage a strong advocate focused on ensuring value is created by your efforts in this challenging environment.  There is probably no better time for firms to make use of an investment led management consultant with the priorities that we have.  

Our passion is to identify, define and build digital value through our investment activities.  We grow an idea by physically operating the firm through to maturity.  Having proven the model we invite investment to grow the business further. For many businesses large and small the day-to-day gets in the way of long-term value creation.   It is easy to become overwhelmed by the digital challenge.   

Paradoi has the capacity to navigate these hazards and to improve your measurable business value.   We are your long term partner in value creation driven by insights around your place in the digital economy.   

We do this by combining our hands on experience in operating and growing technology businesses with an evidence-based understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities before you based on our research and learnings.   We bring these insights to you by offering a voice around the table.   A strong advocate for value.  We use emerging valuation techniques such a customer lifetime value and digital activity valuation to evaluate optional choices.   

We recommend this short video from the London Business School as a way of further illustrating the way we view the importance of inspiring firms to grow in a digital age. It focuses on the value of collaboration and transparency in a business ethos.

Create Business Value.

There is really nothing better in the world than building up your own business or helping out a business owned by someone else who is not doing well or who has lost the plot.   We grow an idea by identifying the opportunity, hammering together a value-driven action plan and physically operating the firm through to maturity.  Having proven the model we invite investment to grow the business further and as consultants are:   

For many businesses large and small the day to day gets in the way of long-term value creation which can easily become neglected in the context of the hyper competitive digital economy.  We help you navigate this hazard in a number of ways to enable you to boost measurable business value.

Enterprises are sometimes unable to grow along maturity continuum in a setting often dominated by a single personality.   This can lead to suboptimal decisions about value creation being made as investment choices are made in a partial way without good evidence.   In the past, Paradoi has grown business value dramatically by focusing on ‘critical success factors’.   By developing a set of value improvement plans we motivate everyone in the business to progress along a maturity continuum.  We do this by concentrating on the following aspects of the business:

  • Low dependence on key suppliers, customers and personnel
  • The business has new products and services with a significant market potential
  • The geographical areas of the business go beyond the current boundaries
  • Barriers to entry to the respective sales market for new competitors are high
  • The organisational structure and systems are well defined and established

Here’s a very short video by Googleplus guru Martin Shervington on getting small businesses on a Google map. Talk about instantaneously creating business value!!!

Value creation of your business, brick by brick

Paradoi always conducts a value strategy audit using the now-where-how methodology for any client firm before beginning work, as we consider this is our point of difference, our competitive advantage and the way we will win against the competition. This job helps us identify a portfolio of value improvement projects and from one of these a Brick by Brick or ‘Dan Dan’ project is chosen.

Forging an end to end business solution

We know that many small to medium business clients find that their circumstances dramatically change – and urgent help is needed to run the business or to make important changes quickly.   This requires the capacity for a whole of business solution.

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Personal experience

Whilst engaged by a previous client – a man in his mid fifties –  he became suddenly ill.   I was asked to take over the general management of the business by him.  When it was realised that the illness was extremely serious the family asked me to take over and run the business.   

Paradoi offers a service in which we enter into a covenant to achieve a certain outcome.   You are then able with minimum supervision to let us complete the tasks in a general management role.  This arrangement can be used to provide a long term break for SME business owners in the case of illness or extended stay away.

Tired Out?

The Problem

 As an SME, Family or Medium Size Enterprise I’ve worked so hard for so many years now – yet it still doesn’t seem to be worth much.

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Core principles

[dt_list style=”2″ bullet_position=”middle” dividers=”false”] [dt_list_item]We can help you establish the current value of your business, agree a target for the future.[/dt_list_item] [dt_list_item]Together we can design and execute value improvement initiatives  in order that you are  fairly valued by the market.[/dt_list_item] [dt_list_item]You choose from services such as advocacy at board and team leadership level and value project management.[/dt_list_item] [/dt_list]


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Our value action plan will identify quick wins and longer term action that restores the value of your business,  gives you greater choice going forward and rewards you for your efforts.

Young Guns or the act of mixing drive with credible business processes

To all those young entrepreneurs out there… We know you have a fabulous business idea but from experience we understand how the lack of business experience is impeding your growth… We know that you have tons of energy but speaking again from experience how investors are getting tired and they need assurance. Perhaps you need a service like ours who can see who you are and who can help communicate with these investors in a language they understand!

Are you digitally despairing?

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The Situation


I’ve been in business for a while – and to be honest I no longer recognise the business in which I work.

Over the last two years, we’ve lost 30% of our business from traditional sources and gained 10% from new sources.  The competition seems to come from everywhere including overseas!  I feel under threat and excited about the future all at the same time.  I still have resources – but where do I apply them for the best.  I need help to figure it out.

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What We Can Do For You.



Paradoi works from a value driven paradigm.  Business management  & organisation is changing dramatically.  Networks of traditional suppliers are often not coping with the changes themselves.  An increasingly common value project is to refashion and curate a network of independent contractors that you can work with into the future.

Our value advocacy and project management approach helps ensure that you make the right strategic choices at the same time as lining up low cost, competent suppliers from Australia and overseas.