Value creation of your business, brick by brick

We take conventional project management such as  changing to zero based budgeting and turn it on its head by filtering for value creation: in other words, we look for the best value creation opportunity available in the business and focus on that.

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How do we do it?

wall-408147_1280Paradoi always conducts a value strategy audit using the now-where-how methodology for any client firm before beginning work, as we consider this is our point of difference, our competitive advantage and the way we will win against the competition. This job helps us identify a portfolio of value improvement projects and from one of these a  Brick by Brick or ‘Dan Dan’ project is chosen.  After refiltering for best fit using our valuable business characteristics, these projects are typically framed by:


  • Operating model transformation
  • Business separation and integration
  • Outsourcing including offshoring and restructuring

[/dt_vc_list][dt_vc_list]Only then might we follow a conventional project management approach:

  • Gather requirements
  • Conduct internal and external research
  • Run workshops and interviews
  • Document requirements and processes
  • Develop a framework using agreed tools and methods (usually those that the company is most familiar with)
  • Set clear goals including cost parameters and specific value outcomes
  • Obtain quotes from contractors/list opportunities to be developed
  • Achieve sign off for commencement
  • Begin project
  • Complete project and report back


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We will  often engage with specialists to complete the detailed work – this outsources any concern over delivery.   We continue to build up a network of capable contractors both locally and online in order to deliver on the outcomes for our clients.

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