What We Do


Three levels of service – infinite solutions

We offer three different services that provide a limited advisory service ‘voice around the table’;  a project management office service ‘brick by brick’; and a service that manages an entire project to an agreed outcome ‘end to end’.


An uniquely hands-on advisory service

For many businesses large and small, the day-to-day gets in the way of long-term value creation.   It is easy to become overwhelmed by the digital challenge.  Paradoi has the capacity to navigate the hazards and to improve your measurable business value.   We are your long term partner in value creation driven by insights around your place in the digital economy.   

We bring these insights to you by offering a voice around the table as a strong advocate for value.  We use emerging valuation techniques such as a customer lifetime value and digital activity valuation to evaluate optional choices.


A value-adding project management service

By aligning each major project with your long term interests as you build your opportunities brick by brick we add value together. We take conventional project management such as  changing to zero based budgeting and turn it on its head by filtering for value creation: in other words, we look for the best value creation opportunity available. We support the building of the following valuable business characteristics.

Valuable Business Characteristics

Low dependence on key suppliers, customers and personnel;

The business has or is in the process of developing new products and services with a significant market potential;

The geographical areas of the business go beyond the current boundaries eg sales have widened to overseas markets; and

Barriers to entry to the respective sales(s) market for new competitors are high.

project management


A complete value leadership service

We offer an end to end solution for urgent problems or where a specialist value focused solution is needed.

We know that many small to medium business clients find that their circumstances dramatically change because of digital disruption. In some cases, urgent help is needed to run the business or to make important changes quickly.   This requires the capacity for a whole-of-business solution.

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